Welcome to the 21st Century Learning Forum Site! We have put these pages together in order to capture and organize the best insights from the 21st Century Learning Forum in an easily digestible form.

21st Century Learning  Pre-Forum Thoughtstream Report
21st Century Learning Forum Insight Report

Forum Goals: Develop Connections, Facilitate Collaboration & Create Community.
The 21st Century Learning Forum in beautiful Banff, Alberta gave education leaders across Canada an excellent opportunity to exchange and learn new ideas on how to effectively develop connections, facilitate collaboration and create learning communities. Taken from the 21st Century learning forum website, the goals of the forum were to:

  • Establish ways to partner with government, private and social sectors to develop a seamless learning system to support the creation of programs that will facilitate pathways for all learners and develop a strong workforce strategy.
  • Build awareness of the new millennium learner, both in terms of the skills they will require and the learning environments needed to foster a “Learning Society”.
  • Discuss ways to build an educational technology strategy with community partners.
  • Explore an action strategy for Aboriginal inclusion into the 21st Century learning community and workforce.
To help capture insights and practical strategies for reaching these goals, Thoughtstream was used before, during and after the conference to give participants a chance to submit ideas and thoughts on what they were learning.  Participants were also given an opportunity to review and assign value to the different ideas everyone had submitted which allowed for the prioritization of some of the best ideas and strategies that came up during the conference.  These are the ideas we are sharing with you on this website.
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